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About Us

DancingBay makes dancers product range extends from dance shoes to dance dress.
As a designer and manufacturer of professional ballroom dance shoes and dance dresses.

DancingBay has maintained the highest standards in workmanship and materials. Their experienced workmanship assures you the durability and performance expected in a ballroom dance shoes and dresses.

DancingBay has its own factory and offer a large variety of beautiful styles and colors to choose from. All DancingBay shoes can be made in different heel heights and a wide array of available colors for the dance dresses.

All DancingBay Shoes feature cushioned innersoles that provide great comfort and protect feet from shock and stress while at the same time being extremely lightweight.

DancingBay is continually adding new styles and products to their collection. Over the years, DancingBay has designed hundreds of styles and this Web site shows the styles that have proven to be the most popular. If you are looking for a particular style, please contact us for a personal consultation.

Since our shoes are custom made to order, it usually takes about two weeks to receive an order. Orders can also be rushed without additional charge.